Sunday Reflection

Come Holy Spirit: Pentecost Sunday

A reflection on Pentecost and calling upon the Holy Spirit by Kendal Hicks

Come, Holy Spirit.

My sister introduced me to this short prayer to serve as a petition for assistance before actions like prayers, conversations, and emails. I recently began praying this especially before writing reflections or during times of fear and anxiety. I imagine the Holy Spirit coming at my request in the form of the air that I breathe as these three words leave my mouth. Focusing on the Holy Spirit and my breath instantly calms me and I am reminded that God is just as present with us now as He was with the Apostles.

The Holy Spirit has always been available to help me, but I have not always called upon Him. And though I was confirmed when I was thirteen, I do not think I was aware of that confirmation until I was eighteen. And again when I was twenty-two after a fun but spiritually confusing four years of college. I finally awakened to the faith and felt that fire as a twenty-two-year-old, ready to be active in my parish and make important changes to my life. I started to read the Bible and fell in love with the Catechism. I began to study the Theology of the Body, prayed the Rosary more frequently, and practiced a daily examen. The Holy Spirit filled me with this faith and desire to be closer to Him which led to fulfilling confessions, finding virtuous friendships, enhanced self-control, more patience, and peace during difficult moments. I am now able to call upon the Holy Spirit, whether in the form of praying a novena or the short and simple prayer, and I know that the Advocate is with me.

My life prior to my “reversion” when I was twenty-two is similar to the Apostles’ time in the upper room after Jesus’ crucifixion. Today’s Gospel recounts that they were afraid of the Jews and they seemed like they did not have a strong sense of direction without Jesus physically there. I did not really have the direction or help of the Holy Spirit either because I did not have the faith that was required to invite the Holy Spirit into my life. It was not until Pentecost where Jesus appeared to the Apostles and breathed on them that they had the Holy Spirit’s assistance. After Pentecost, the Apostles were then able fulfill their mission to go out and preach the gospel to the world. Similarly, I had that desire to go out and share my faith with my friends and coworkers as I was filled with the Holy Spirit.

I am so grateful that our God has provided us with not only a Father and a Redeemer, but with an Advocate as well. I hope to always remember that the Holy Spirit is with me on Earth, constantly leading me as I navigate my way toward Heaven.

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