Sunday Reflection

The Vine and the Branches

A reflection on being a branch connected to the vine by Michael Nishimura

Stay on the vine and “bear much fruit”?


Detach from the vine and “be thrown out like a branch and wither”?

If I was given these two options, I’d say, “No brainer, stay on the vine bear fruit, drink wine, and live my best life.” I think most people would.

So, why is it that we are constantly being pulled away from the vine? Why do we sometimes pull ourselves away from the vine?

I want to bear the fruits of God and be in Him and Him in I, but why is it that I do not always keep Him with me? Why do I detach from God and miss out on His blessings?

With so much distractions and dismay in today’s world it is easy to become far gone from the Father. A bad day can multiply and become a horrible month, a horrible month can cause bitterness and despair. At last, we realize how far we strayed, almost unknowingly and unintentionally.

I think a good first answer as to why we separate from the “True Vine,” is that we forget to actually seek God. There are times I forget to read the Bible and there are times I neglect coming to Sunday Mass. I am not avoiding these things actively I am just forgetting about them, I am not making God a priority. I am sometimes failing to seek God in my everyday life, only leaning on Him when times get rough. To be attached to the vine takes work and dedication, like bearing the fruit of actual trees and vines.

Bearing the fruits that God has intended us to, will not come without battles against one’s self and also with the world in which we all live. In this world, we can become consumed by living for things like fame or money, temptation and sin, and subsequently leaving God on the backburner. We can also be stuck living for stress and allowing it to consume us, instead of living for God and being at peace. Life is long and filled with peaks and valleys, making it easy to separate from God. However, we can always call upon His name and rejoin the “True Vine.” To bear the fruits of God, we must have the active intention of keeping Him in our hearts.

Sometimes I feel like the world is hopeless and I purposely do not seek God. And in those times I become dark in nature and without light. Nothing wholesome comes from these moments because there is no life.

Not to be too dark here, but it really helps to start there and explain what feeling detached feels like. Being detached from God in my life made me more pessimistic, less hopeful, and not at peace.

When I become detached from God I can feel it in my heart. I think this scripture describes the beauty of always being welcome to the vine of God and that I am never meant to be a pile of dead branches detached from the vine. When I look at the relationship of the vine and the branch, I feel the extraordinary possibility of creating fruit of tremendous love. So long as we stay attached to the vine we can not only make fruit, but extend branches of our own, children, and show the how to keep close to the vine in a garden.

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